The coordinates of the camping site are

54°15’25.4″N 24°13’36.2″E

54.257055, 24.226714 (WGS)

514777, 6013403 (LKS)

By car

If you are arriving by your own car we recommend using navigation. If you input given coordinates you should be able to drive all the way to the campsite. Otherwise you can go to Laukininkai, Varėna district and follow our signs to the camping site afterwards. Since there are six different villages with the same name in Lithuania, make sure you go to one in Varėna district.

By public transport

If you choose to fly to Lithuania you are most likely to arrive at Kaunas or Vilnius airport. Both airports are somewhat similar distance from camping place so you should pick any of these two airports based on which one is cheaper. You can then catch a bus from either airport and should go to Meškasalis (Alytus district). Although it‘s worth noting that buses from Kaunas runs more frequently and needs less connections. You can avoid one bus connection by taking a taxi from airports to main bus stations. Once you arrive at Meškasalis we will sort out further logistics. Or, if you feel fit enough, walk the rest of the way on foot (8 km). Here‘s a convenient tool to find a suitable routes from any starting point in Lithuania: Just add Meskasalis as your destination. Note: you can book your bus tickets in advance but not earlier than ~1 month before depature. Some routes can be booked only two weeks in advance so you should return later for best ticket options.

By ferry and by bus

If flying to Lithuania seems too ordinary you can take a ferry to Klaipėda. Once in Klaipėda you should use the same tool ( to find a bus to Meskasalis.

Alternative option

If you haven’t done so yet, please join EUGEN 2019 group on facebook: , where you can find fellow passengers or hitch yourself a ride.