General information

Camping & Accommodation

Camping at event area is in own tents. First visitors will have a chance to pick best tent spots.
There will be enough place for everyone though <3

Car / trailer parking is only at selected areas; please respect marks and signs. Do not leave you car in not authorized place. If you can’t live without your trailer – let someone from organizers know that and we will sort it out.

Local and delicious, with a sigh of deepest Lithuanian traditions, partly prepared at the campsite, partly brought from the outside. Please bring couple dishes and own cutlery – knives (safer ones), forks and spoons – for yourself and your friends that forget everything.

Vegan / vegetarian menu will be respected too!

Unlimited pure water from the local deep well.
Something reusable (water flasks / bottles / bags 500-1000ml) will be available at campsite, but you can bring own water flask too.

Light and Fire
Territory will be mostly dark at night time, so please consider bringing flashlights or other source of light for personal use. Fire can only be built at fireplaces designated by organizers. In some extreme dry circumstances there can be Outdoor Burn Ban, that applies to all outdoor burnings, including campfires and recreational fireplaces.

Showers and WC
Outdoor showers and WC will be built at area.
We kindly ask to use those facilities same gently as you do that at home, this will result in nicer experience for both cleaners and users.
Also, sauna might be possible on special occasions.

Waste management
There will be recycling bins during the event – make sure that plastic goes to plastic, paper goes to paper, metal cans / plastic and glass bottles (only ones bought in Lithuania) are stored separately and will be recycled under deposit legislation (Pfand).
Cigarette butts need to end in ashtrays, portable ones will be given at arrival.

Wild animals
Nothing you should worry about, except some wild bears occasionally misslost from Belarus ;D
Now seriously, there are 3 things you should care:
1) Mosquitoes – there is almost no escape from them, please bring mosquito sprays / candles / repellents / voodoo rituals or anything that can help. 
2) Mites / ticks (lot. Arachnida Acari). Despite being the least active during August (due to heat), those small forest bugs can cause Encephalitis or Lyme disease, please use proper repellent.
3) Ants. Black ones, red ones, great and small – don’t forget who is the ruler of the forests!

First aid will be available at the organizers. If you have any health issue or any health-related needs we should know about – lets us know about it.

You will receive a portable ashtray after arrival to campsite.


, you can bring not aggressive ones, just make sure you don’t make threat to other Eugeneers. Owners are responsible for their pets all the time and must gather all waste left by them. You can also bring you younger sisters and olders brothers, even mother, let her know how you spend your holiday!

Other hazards
There might be a lot of wild plants that look like a food during your stay (near campsite, during the fieldtrips), please avoid putting into mouth everything you find on the way – berries and especially mushrooms! If you find something that looks tasty – let organizers know about it first.  

It’s scientifically proved that swimming in cold water stimulates appetite, but on the other hand same does monosodium glutamate E621. Don’t forget your swimming suit though! 🙂

Some may say it is cruel, but a true fisherman knows that fishing removes stress, improves your ability to concentrate and even increases your Vitamin D concentration in organism, which helps to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in your body, keeping your bones and teeth healthy. In case you feel one – please consider ordering a fisherman permit here at lovely 1,4 EUR/2days rate.

Will the weather be good? It always is!

There will be a possibility to charge your smartphone. Connection on cellular level is pretty good, thanks to European regulations – roam like at home.
Additionally, we are expecting WiFi connection at the campsite at 4G speed.

Roads are free of charge, expect 2 – 2,5 km of unpaved gravel road leading to the campsite.
Special Eugen signs will help you to navigate over few last kilometers.

Eugen packing checklist

 Passport / ID card 
 Insurance / VISA (optional)
 Sleeping bag
 Sleeping pad / camping pillow 
 Flashlight or headlamp
 Swimming suit
 Shoes (for fieldtrips, inside camp shoes, etc)
 Toothbrush, toothpaste
Soap or any eco-friendly body gel
 Plates / bowls for yourself and your friends that forgotten
 Cutlery – knives, forks, spoons
Water flask
 Food box (for sandwiches etc)